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About Special Yoga Foundation


Special Yoga Foundation (Registered Charity no. 1163374) was created to serve as many special children as possible through the medium of yoga. We consider all children special and know that no label can define or limit a child’s potential for positive change.

All children can benefit from the therapeutic service we provide, a conviction born from working with thousands of special children throughout the years and witnessing the profound and far reaching effects that therapeutic yoga has on the lives of every child it reaches.

In addition, we are also a center of excellence for Therapeutic and Professional Yoga Teacher Training offering programs for yoga teachers, parents and pediatric professionals to deliver yoga as a therapeutic treatment in the special needs community. We also offer training in schools to support whole classrooms as well as smaller groups of children.

Our Mission

The Mission of Special Yoga Foundation is to reach as many children with special needs as possible throughout the UK and worldwide with our therapeutic yoga programme.

Our Vision

To develop greater awareness around the benefits of Special Yoga’s holistic approach to the many challenges that children with disabilities and learning difficulties face, and to delivering Special Yoga practice to children worldwide.

Our Charity

Special Yoga Foundation CIO was created to provide a therapeutic service to children worldwide.
Firstly, by working directly delivering our special yoga programme to children and secondly, by training more teachers who can deliver this therapeutic intervention to children all over the world. Your generous donations go to:

  • Subsidising the cost of 1-1 sessions and groups for the children and their families at Special Yoga Foundation, London Centre
  • Subsidise costs in our outreach work to schools, refugee centres, special needs organisations, care homes and hospices
  • Offer bursaries for parents to take trainings to support their children
  • Train and support in orphanages and special schools around the world
  • Research projects to demonstrate the efficacy of our intervention