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The Team

Meet the SYF team!

Jyoti (Jo) Manuel
Founder of SYF and Lead Practitioner
Jyoti brings over 25 years of working with children with special and additional needs and yoga to SYF.

She is the spiritual leader and mentor for all our practice work with children and practitioners both in the UK and overseas.

Roger Andrews
Executive Chair
Roger is chiefly responsible for building the organisation so we can operate transparently, efficiently and scale SYF to reach more and more children in the UK and worldwide.
Mel Nortcliffe
Senior Practitioner & Business Development
With the deep knowledge and experience of working with the children and outside organisations, Mel is a vital part of growing and expanding our ability to serve more and more children.

Pippa Seeta O'Connor
Director, Mindfulness
Pippa is a valued member of SYF. with her professional credentials and extensive experience in mindfulness and compassionate she supports the work we do with the children.
Jodie Spiers
Head of Service Operations
With great focus, compassion and commitment Jodie keeps the centre running and on track. Everything from organising workshops, our reception team and overseeing the smooth day to day running of SYF.

Christine Godwin
Senior Practitioner
Christine is one of our Senior Practitioners with extensive experience both with her own beautiful child Jacob who has Downs syndrome and other children and adults with special needs.

With heartfelt commitment Christine sits on the SYF board of trustees and supports the organisation in a variety of ways.

Jess Taylor
Therapy & Outreach Coordinator
Jess schedules the sessions for the children. As well as coordinating with outside organisations such as schools and care homes to have therapeutic yoga sessions.


Hannah Cloke
Training Development Manager
Hannah is our teacher training administrative coordinator. She’s the lovely person you will be in touch with when you chose to book a training with us.
Ingrid Sanchez
Graphics Designer
Our very talented Ingrid is responsible for all our beautiful branding, art, print and web design.
Maya Kumagai-Jones
Fundraising Manager
Maya coordinates and manages our fundraising activities, as well as building and developing relationships with corporates and other organisations.
Naomi Sherry
Naomi is a very valued and lovely volunteer who is spearheading our fundraising campaigns.
Rochelle Alexandra
Marketing Coordinator
Rochelle is our multi-talented marketing and copywriter helping us support our growing community
Travers Lee
Marketing Director
Travers is dedicated to sharing the wonderful stories of our community with the world
Sandy Asante
Sandy is our weekend receptionist who greets everyone with a smile and has a wonderful relationship with our families.
Bashara Phillips
Bashara is our lovely receptionist who welcomes those who have 1:1 sessions with our practitioners at People’s Centre for Change.