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Our work with Jack Tizard School

Testimony from Jack Tizard School

Christine has been working with my class (young learners with severe and profound multiple learning difficulties, complex health needs and physical difficulties) for a year now.

Both the pupils and the staff members look forward to our weekly yoga sessions. Christine’s approach is based on thorough knowledge of yoga and learning/ physical difficulties, and this knowledge allows for flexible and inclusive practice that suits the needs of our pupils.

During the Special Yoga sessions, pupils learned about their bodies and how they could move their bodies in different positions. They began to be aware of and use muscles, and perform poses that we would not normally address in our everyday lives. Pupils also benefitted from the sequencing and routine of the sessions, which made them calmer and more focused for the rest of the day. The yoga lessons create a wonderful sense of community; the pupils can see each other and can get close to each other to interact with one another whilst following the poses.

Special Yoga helped in particular with:

  • Contributing towards regulating and encouraging bowel movements
  • Learning specific poses such as the ‘bridge pose’ which then helped pupils to be more actively involved in their personal care routines by being able to lift their bottoms up
  • Strengthening core muscles which contributes towards better posture
  • Balancing (sitting, standing, walking)
  • Developing cognitive skills such as body awareness/ spatial awareness/ learning about directions
  • Learning language relating to body parts, movement and directions
  • Further developing early communication skills such as making choices, basic interaction and vocalisations

Dóri Seregély
Jack Tizard School

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