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Therapeutic Gentle Yoga

Therapeutic Gentle Yoga

100 hours Teacher Training

This invaluable course gives Yoga Teachers the ability to make Yoga’s therapeutic benefits accessible to the many who suffer from physical, mental and emotional challenges. It assists you to not only teach Therapeutic Gentle Yoga but also to become a Gentle Yoga Teacher.
 As well as receiving all the information you need, you will also benefit from observing and assisting Padma as she works with people with limiting conditions and challenges, and from personal teaching practice mentored by Padma.


Rev. Padma Devi
Course leader




Guest tutors:
Jyoti Jyoti (Jo) Manuel
London | International Teacher Trainer and IY Teacher level 2 and IY Seminarian
Harshani Curbishley-Brown
Northampton | IY Teacher level 2, Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master
Manorama Ruth Bush
New Forest | Professional Yoga Teacher specialising in Yoga for Pregnancy & Yoga for Back Care

Student pre-requisites

– Open to qualified Yoga teachers who have a minimum of one year’s teaching experience.


– Yoga for people with fibromyalgia, ME and CFS [31 Oct]

– Yoga for the elderly, including arthritis, dementia, etc. [1 Nov]

– Yoga for people with heart conditions, high and low BP [2 Jan]

– Yoga for people surviving cancer [3 Jan]

– Yoga for people with depression, anxiety attacks and OCD [5 March]

– Yoga for physical, mental and emotional re- Integration, post operative, accident or injury [6 March]

– Health and Wellbeing, aligning body,mind and spirit [28 May]

Understanding energy/prana/ki/chi and our universal connection of Oneness. How to recognise when energy is out of SYNC and exploring various ways of helping the natural return to balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Learning healing techniques from EFT, Reiki, Mind/body healing Hypnosis and Healing Visualisations, learning the theory and practical techniques that you can use with your students.

– Speaking the language of the listener [28 May]

Understanding how to recognise our differences through words that we use and how to pace and build rapport. NLP Representation Systems Visual/Audio/Kinesthetic/Digital; Big picture versus Detail types, Eye patterns in relation to Netra Vyayamam. Changing negative language to positive. Importance of beliefs and their alignments to support our health and wellbeing.

– Yoga and Mindfulness for children and teens [2 July].

A module on special yoga and mindfulness for children and adolescents: bringing inner calm and peace to the frenetic world that children and adolescents often inhabit.  This day will give you tools to use therapeutic yoga techniques effectively with children and teens to calm and sooth their anxiety and stress.

– Yoga, breath, sound and touch for children with special needs [3 July].

This module on special yoga for children will help you use yoga as a therapeutic intervention for children with special needs.  You will learn how to adapt a practise to support their wellbeing using yoga, touch, breath and sound.

– Yoga for Back Care [6 Aug]

– Yoga for people with addictions or in recovery and Yoga for those who are overweight [7 Aug]

2015-16 Dates and Cost

This 100 hour course runs on the following days:

Weekend 1 31 October-1 November 2015
Weekend 2 2-3 January 2016
Weekend 3 5-6 March
Weekend 4 28-29 May
Weekend 5 2-3 July
Weekend 6 6-7 August

Time: 10:00-16.30 daily

Cost: 1,095

2018 Dates and Cost

This 100 hour course will be running again in 2018.
Dates & cost: TBC

Modules and Payment Options

This training can be also taken in modules, but you need to take the first module as a foundation. Cost per weekend is £250.

Please get in touch with our Teacher Training team to ask for payment options, thank you!

Our students say…

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Gentle Yoga course, it was so wonderful. A great reminder of why we are here and has given me the confidence to get on and do something about helping others.


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