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Empowering Special Children and their families to “Redefine Possible”

Special Yoga helps children with special needs embrace their potential by providing sustainable Special Yoga Therapy. We believe all children are special regardless of their abilities, appearance, culture, gender, race or the assumptions society has placed on you.

All children can benefit from the therapeutic service we provide – a conviction borne from working with thousands of special children throughout the years and witnessing the profound and far reaching effects that our pioneering form of Special Yoga has on the lives of every child it reaches.

We are also a training centre of excellence as part of our mission to serve as many children. We offer a range of specialised teacher training courses to school and yoga teachers, practitioners, parents and care workers to expand your confidence personally and professionally to support children with Special Yoga Therapy.

“Special Yoga is a unique place that embraces children that are different and makes them welcome. For me as a parent, I can be relaxed that my son’s stranger and difficult autistic traits are understood.” – Michelle, Parent


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Explore how we can guide your children’s well-being and help them to embrace their potential through our Special Yoga methodology.
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Expand Your Toolbox

Whatever the special condition you seek to support, our training courses will equip you with personal and practical tools to empower you.
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Get Involved

Special Yoga has a range of programmes and activities you and your friends can do to support our Special Yoga community!

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