“We are a growing global community of families, practitioners, teachers, therapists, supporters and carers who empower special children to redefine their possible.”


Redefining possible

Special Yoga was founded by leading Teacher Trainer of Special Yoga, Jyoti Manuel. The community was created as a consequence of Jyoti dedicating years to travelling the world and witnessing the invaluable difference Special Yoga made to children’s lives. We have now shared this knowledge with thousands of students who go on to successfully encourage people with special needs to exceed their expectations through Special Yoga.

We welcome, support and nourish all special children on their unique journey to embrace their potential through our respected Special Yoga practice.

Create Priceless Possibilities

To reach our goals we rely on the passion of our community, the expertise of our accredited Special Yoga practitioners, and our ambassadors. Together we can continue guiding as many special children as possible to maximise their unique potential.

The activities that shape our practice as a leading centre of excellence for training Special Yoga are made possible through your generous donations. You are contributing to the empowerment of our community as more families, schools and carers recognise and support the beautiful core human spirit of special children.

Your contributions are making these pursuits possible:

  • Subsidising the cost of 1-1 sessions and groups for the children and their families at Special Yoga
  • Subsidise costs in our outreach work to schools, refugee centres, special needs organisations, care homes and hospices
  • Offer bursaries for parents to take trainings to support their children
  • Train and support in orphanages and special schools around the world
  • Research projects to demonstrate the efficacy of our intervention