HI What is Mindfulness – Special Yoga Training

Mindfulness and being mindful means having awareness of what’s happening internally and around you in the moment

Mindfulness is the practice of being receptive to your emotions, thoughts, behaviours and physical state. It also means being able to process events from your external environment. It’s a state of mind and a mentality that requires regular practice to be maintained.

How Can Mindfulness Benefit me?

Mindfulness is ever more widely discussed in Western society, and with very good reason! Between juggling to-do lists, attending to phone notifications and trying to manage the endless pressures of our professional and personal obligations, it is all too easy to become distracted from the things that really matter.

When distraction takes over, it’s easy to forget what is driving your emotions and behaviours in the moment and so regulating our state of mind becomes more of a challenge.

Mindfulness can help to guide aspects of your being for the better. A greater sense of control over your mind and body means you can make positive changes in your life that can enable you to fulfil your full potential.

How Does Special Yoga use Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is at the heart of all that we do.  We incorporate all the latest mindfulness research into all of our Special Yoga practices.  By fusing mindfulness practices with our Special Yoga methods we deliver a range of specific sound and breathing techniques. These techniques are useful to all and are very useful tools for children with special needs.  Children can use mindfulness techniques to learn how to regulate their breathing patterns, balance energy levels, remain calm, as well as relieve any physical and emotional tension.

Our Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children course (see here) has a clear focus on self-awareness.  We believe that the earlier a person develops tools that enable them to self-regulate, the sooner they can discover new ways of living that will enhance their quality of life and help them to fulfil their true and full potential.