The Special Yoga’s mission is to support as many children with special needs as possible through our Special Yoga methodology. Although we are a for-profit business, we rely on your contributions to reach and support more children through our practice.

£25 recurring monthly donations:

Goes towards delivering regular therapeutic Special Yoga sessions for a child (Recommended)


Previous Donations

Sam Y – £50.00  – Namaste xxx

Anonymous – £100.00 For all the peace, joy, love and light that SY provides to us All! Xxx

Judy Cameron – £280.00 – “Enabling a specialist yoga teacher to go to Nepal for Special Yoga CIO because of the lack of local skilled trainers”

Mary & Alun – £100.00  – A wonderful charity who it’s brilliant to see offer children with special needs access to yoga and all it’s amazing benefits. We have donated in place of sending Christmas cards this year.

Jean Nicolas (treasurer) – £260.00 – “From BWY South London event” 

Anil and Enid Prasad – £250.00  – In loving memory of Janine Antoinette, mother of Shelly Kielar.