Special Yoga in the House of Commons

Special Yoga added some positivity to parliament last week, with founder Jo Manuel speaking at the Indian Traditional Sciences All Party Parliamentary Group meeting to promote yoga in the NHS.

With our NHS commissioned Mindfulness for Mental Health Resilience project currently undergoing evaluation, Jo focused her speech about the role of yoga in the education system and how it can impact both teachers and students.

Shocking statistics were published by NASUWT (2016), for example, 79% of teachers experience work related anxiousness, almost half (47%) have seen a doctor in the last 12 months as a result of work related physical or mental health problems, and 5% have been admitted to hospital. The aim of the programme is to provide teachers with the tools and techniques of mindful practises to equip themselves and their students in developing self regulation and coping strategies to manage life’s adverse events.

Jo went on to present some findings so far after 6 weeks of training (6 hours) and a daily yoga and mindfulness practise delivered with audio and visual materials: Increase in high wellbeing from 8% to 20% and a drop in low wellbeing from 14% to 4%.

Special Yoga is proud to play a part in the spreading the importance of yoga in healthcare and educational contexts. Find out more about our Mindfulness for Mental Health Resilience project on our blog here.