The Special Yoga methodology is a synthesis of holistic practices inspired by scientific research. But it is the compassionate approach our leading practitioners take that results in redefining moments for children with special needs.

We initially began our practice with a sole focus on children with special needs, and remain unique in recognising that children need to be nurtured. Particularly if they are going to learn the personal development skills to help them explore their full potential.

As we continued to witness the impact of Special Yoga on children with special needs, it became evident that there is a growing demand for an approach towards yoga for everyone that leads with love but delivers with a genuine therapeutic impact. We are one of the very few practices to frontier a take on yoga that embraces both the technical and personal perspective.


How Can Special Yoga Help With Wellbeing?

Our process has demonstrated meaningful physiological impact by developing balance, motor planning skills and relieving muscle tension, while aligning the emotional and individual spirit. It is this specific combination that defines our Special Yoga benefits

The style is vastly different to clinical services. We recognise that through incorporating the child’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes and physical abilities into the process we can tailor a session that ‘meets the child within’ to bring out the best of their strengths.


Can Special Yoga Work for Everyone?

Through yoga, this benevolent approach towards self-fulfillment becomes more than an extensive methodology. Your Special Yoga journey will become an all-inclusive experience, incorporating mindful strategies (cross-link) that will guide you to a greater sense of awareness for yourself and those around you. Our pioneering practitioners will welcome you, no matter who you are, into a community that respectfully encourages everyone to follow a path that is individual to you in discovering the capacity of your strengths.
We bring people together as a community in our classes, workshops and courses. As we share accessible activities to tap into the Special Yoga practice you will gain the skill set to personally connect with the restorative benefits of this practice. You will simultaneously enhance your ability to support others in their journey of personal development.