Special Yoga makes a positive contribution to a strong and safe community and recognises the right of every individual to stay safe.

Special Yoga trainers and practitioners come into contact with children and vulnerable adults through the following activities:
Yoga sessions and classes for groups and individuals.

The types of contact with children and vulnerable adults will be:
Regulated and sometimes intensive (i.e. more than 3 days within a 30 day period). Other designated staff members may have contact with the service users and may also be able to access data regarding vulnerable people. Our services will be delivered at our own centre and in other locations such as schools and other educational and community environments. These sessions will involve general contact with the service users, through the practices of yoga and other associated activities.

This policy seeks to ensure that Special Yoga undertakes its responsibilities with regard to protection of children and vulnerable adults and will respond to concerns appropriately. The policy establishes a framework to support paid and unpaid staff in their practices and clarifies the organisation’s expectations.

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