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Special Yoga for Schools

Special Yoga provide consultancy paediatric services for CCG’s, Councils, Local Education Authorities, individual schools and paediatric organisations. We design and deliver bespoke multi service provision staff trainings.

Core Training Services

Special Yoga are committed to the mental health and wellbeing of children. We work collaboratively with schools, education and paediatric professionals on the frontline of helping and supporting children to identify, understand and regulate emotions and behaviours.

We deliver bespoke training programmes of our Special Yoga methodology to Paediatric Professionals working with Special Needs children in SEN and mainstream education.

Promoting and supporting resilience and well-being of children, teachers and families are at the core of our work. We explore with schools professionals ways to build Special Yoga and Mindfulness practices into P.S.H.E, Citizenship and S.M.S.C. curriculum programmes.

Through extensive consultation we learn the first needs of the children, teachers and the wider school before preparing a bespoke training programme. The Special Yoga and Mindfulness techniques we teach can be applied, shared and embedded across the curriculum from Early Years to Post-16 vocational training.  This short film by the BBC Education Department features our work and the testimonies of some of the children we help with Special Yoga practices.

Special Yoga benefits pupils and staff

We start from the position that wellbeing and states of teaching staff directly impact on the wellbeing of the children they teach. And we believe that children learn behaviours through the examples they are set.

The teaching of educators and support staff to learn how to be mindful, and manage their own state and awareness and remain calm in potentially stressful and challenging classroom environments, provides the foundations on which we build.

Testimonial from Queensmill School

Very many thanks once again to you and your team for the Special Yoga training you delivered. The well-being of staff is of such prime importance however, the uniqueness of your programme is that it provides opportunities for good practice to be integrated into helping our children and young people manage the challenges and anxieties they face.

The approach and core philosophy espoused integrates so well with our ethos and practice for managing stress, conflict and challenge and so it will embed into and enhance our practice.

I will recommend the programme to other Special Heads as discussed.

— Freddie Adu, Head, Queensmill School | November 2017

Mental Health Resilience in Schools

We design programmes for staff and children across SEND and mainstream Schools. Special Yoga’s unique combination of mindfulness, movement and breathing teaches stress reduction and mental health coping strategies using ancient wisdoms embedded in modern science.

Staff experience the powerful therapeutic and benefits of reducing stress and anxiety and improving their own concentration and resilience. Adaptations of these techniques are also taught so that staff can share them with all children.

Read more detail about our bespoke schools programme here, and learn about our groundbreaking work with the Havering Schools Project.

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