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Special Yoga in Schools

Our mission is to inclusively and holistically support children with additional needs through our multi-dimensional ‘Special Yoga and Mindfulness’ methodology. Through our many years of experience working with children in the UK and internationally and our understanding of child development, we witness the profound and life-changing effects that Special Yoga has on the children and the adults around them.

We provide bespoke trainings personalised to a school’s or organisation’s requirements and context. These include inset training ranging from 3 day trainings to 2.5 hours and twilight workshops. Our work was recently featured, along with the testimonies of the children we help, in a short film by the BBC Education Department.

Bespoke trainings for schools professionals

We specialise in sharing our therapeutic intervention for children with SEND, providing training for educators and pediatric professionals working with children with Autism, PMLD SLD and LD.  We also provide trainings for mainstream education with our Mindfulness for Mental Health Resilience programme and support for working with behaviour management and to improve overall wellbeing.

Through our consultation process we learn the needs of the children, teachers and the whole school community. The principles and techniques which the adults learn can be adapted for ‘person centred learning,’ for the children, creating group tool-kits for self-regulation and connected to an individual’s ‘Education, Health and Care Plan.’

Tangible, measurable benefits

Schools can measure the impact of Yoga and Mindfulness for children who require support around their behaviour and have personal support plans. We receive feedback from schools, families, therapists that with support, a child’s engagement in learning increases which boosts self-esteem and enables progress cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Learning outcomes can be seen here on our autism training programme

Sensory Integration

Many children have additional sensory processing/integration needs which impact on their ability to concentrate, engage in activities and relationships and their emotional well-being. We recognise that a child’s physiological and emotional readiness to learn is fundamental in all areas of their development.

Special Yoga provides a sensory diet bringing the child’s nervous system into homeostasis through movement, massage, mindfulness and breathing techniques which can be adapted and used for children with SLD, ASD to more high functioning children with ADHD, Aspergers and anxiety driven behaviours. Through these practises children will become calmer, more organised, experiencing more self regulation, functionality and self esteem.

Skills for School, Skills for Life

Children learn the skills to become more ‘enabled learners,’ which impacts on all areas of the curriculum, at home and beyond! They experience more independence, autonomy and empowerment and are more relaxed and embodied to communicate (to their own capacity) their needs and wishes.

The principles and techniques of Special Yoga and Mindfulness can be shared, applied and then embedded across the curriculum from Early Years to Post-16 vocational training, both explicitly and implicitly. We can work with schools to explore ways to link and build SY and Mindfulness into the P.S.H.E, Citizenship and S.M.S.C. curriculum programmes and schemes of work.

Special Yoga are committed to the mental health and wellbeing of children and work in collaboration with schools, who are on the frontline to help and support children to identify, understand and to regulate their emotions, dependent on individual needs. Promoting and supporting resilience and wellbeing of children, teachers and families are at the core of our work.

The benefits of Special Yoga

Some of the many benefits of Special Yoga and Mindfulness practices include:

  • improving motor planning and control
  • improved self awareness emotionally, psychologically and physically
  • developing the ability to self regulate across environments and demands
  • developing balance, strength and flexibility
  • The ability to relax and release tension, fear and frustration
  • reducing stress reaction and improving resilience
  • improving immune function
  • improving quality and quantity of sleep
  • enhancing respiratory ability and capacity
  • enhancing a sense of wellbeing, calm and peace
  • enhancing a sense of emotional balance

The pedagogy and therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness principles at the heart of SY’s training programmes in partnership with school communities give opportunities for children to thrive and develop self- regulatory skills and wellbeing for the wider world.

Bring the benefits of Special Yoga to your school

To start the conversation about accessing this groundbreaking programme in your school, please email info@specialyoga.org.uk or complete the contact form below.