Special Yoga Summer retreat

The Special Yoga Retreat is an opportunity for you to connect with the Special Yoga community in this beautiful North Dorset setting.

The retreat is a chance to bring like minded beings together around daily yoga practices and workshops including chanting, communication, compassion and sharing. Outside of the workshops, you’ll be able to enjoy the peaceful local surroundings, relax and enjoy time together.

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This is the very first Special Yoga retreat that is open to anyone who has participated in our Special Yoga Training courses. You will arrive to a grounding a settling practise with a beautiful evening of yoga nidra setting our intentions for the weekend and perhaps the future.

Each morning will start with offer a meditation, yoga, kriya, pranayama and deep relaxation practise. Jyoti continues to learn and is really excited to share with you breathing practises (and a little neuroscience around them) to help support your nervous system. You will also be shown how to adapt these practises for the children.

There will be self compassion practises, and a sharing on different aspects of communication. We are joined by Anni Malone who will offer some sound healing practises and we will close on Saturday with a beautiful nourishing and healing chanting and sound bath. To meet one another, share yoga together and to share & deepen the understanding and embodiment of the practises that underpin Special Yoga and bring our sangha closer together.


30th August – 1st September


Please note that spaces are very limited for this retreat, so early booking is highly advisable.

Price: £260 per person.

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Special Yoga Retreat Itinerary:

Friday 30th August

  • Arrival time 4pm
  • Class with Jyoti
  • Check in with everyone for intros
  • Walk and Dinner
  • Meditation

Saturday 31st August

  • Meditation & Class
  • Breath worship
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon free time – walk to beach or resting
  • Late afternoon – restorative/gentle practise/Nidra
  • Sound Healing workshop

Sunday 1st September

  • Meditation & Class
  • Breath worship
  • Lunch
  • Walk
  • Nidra
  • Closing

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We really look forward to seeing you there.