HI Special Yoga for Cerebral Palsy and PMLD – Special Yoga Training

Join us on this foundation programme and learn the Special Yoga methodology with accessible, beneficial and life enhancing practices for children and young people with Cerebral Palsy and PMLD.
Gain the confidence and skills to help these children lives to flourish.

Our next Online Training starts on 15th or 17th October (you choose Thursday evening or Saturday morning webinars and study groups) with access to pre-course materials from 6th September. For more information or to book please click on the green button below.

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How This Course Benefits You

  • Gain techniques to help relieve tension and pain in the child’s muscles, and reduce spasms.
  • Learn communication skills that will enable you to guide the child to their potential.
  • Experience first hand how you can empower the child.
  • Understand how to adapt a yoga practice for challenging physical limitations.

Topic Summary

Right from the start of this foundation course you will be guided through highly effective and accessible strategies for integrating the remedial advantages of the Special Yoga methodology into the lives of children with special and additional needs, Cerebral Palsy and Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. On our courses you will learn the three different aspects of the Special Yoga methodology taught using a variety of tools with mentor and community support throughout.

Course tutors – Special Yoga Trainers

The course will be lead by Special Yoga trainers. All our trainers have, themselves, trained with Special Yoga and worked with children across the spectrum of additional needs. Those leading will have specialised working with Cerebral Palsy and PMLD.

Teaching Style

You will be guided through highly effective and accessible strategies for integrating the remedial advantages of the Special Yoga methodology into the lives of children with Cerebral Palsy or PMLD. With these skills you will have the ability to tailor various settings to the specific needs of the child or group you support.

Course Certification

Your success in completing the course Special Yoga for Cerebral Palsy and PMLD will be celebrated with a foundation course certificate from Special Yoga with 100% attendance.

Course Fees

£395 or 4 monthly payments of £98.75

What does my fee cover?

  • Full tuition including live online webinars and study groups and online learning resources including videos and written content.
  • Special Yoga for Cerebral Palsy and PMLD online downloadable course manual, this builds in parts as you work through the course
  • Access to the course community group
  • Special Yoga foundation course certificate with 100% attendance, completing all quizzes and assignments and demonstrating your understanding of the Special Yoga methodology through submission of a video of you working with a child.
  • Personal contact with your own mentor to support you throughout the course.

What does my fee exclude?

  • Face to face in person training

Useful Information

What experience do I need for this course?

This course is open to all, including people who do not teach yoga professionally. Regular attendees of this course include but are not limited to:

  • Special needs teachers
  • All yoga teachers
  • Trainee yoga teachers
  • Special needs and paediatric professionals
  • Parents of children with special needs

Can I become a Special Yoga practitioner after completing this course?

If ‘Special Yoga for Cerebral Palsy and PMLD’ is your first course with us at Special Yoga and you have been inspired by the teachings, we offer a wide range of specific and fully comprehensive courses. 
If you have not yet taken our flagship training course, Special Yoga for Special Children, we would highly recommend doing so. This course is a vital step in enhancing your ability to support all children with special needs. To access this course you will need to take a short ‘Bridge to SYSC1’ course.  


What courses could I do after this course?

To see the extensive range of CPDs we have designed to give you practical tools that can further develop your personal practice, please click here

Can we support you in choosing your course?

If you have any queries please let us know at training@specialyoga.org.uk

Course Tips
Who can do this course?
Occupational therapists, yoga teachers and yoga therapists, trainee yoga teachers, school teachers and staff, parents or anyone interested in exploring Special Yoga.
Is this course recognised?
You will receive a Special Yoga certificate after completing the course with 100% attendance. Special Yoga is a British Wheel of Yoga recognised centre. All our courses are recognised by Asdan.
Can I practise professionally with this course?
As a training centre of excellence we are developing a Special Yoga practitioner development programme for those considering practising professionally. This will be discussed during your course.
What courses could I do after this course?
After completing the Special Yoga for Cerebral Palsy and PMLD course we suggest taking our flagship course Special Yoga for Special Children if you have not already. We highly recommend it as it provides a comprehensive guide across all conditions and is the first steps towards becoming a registered practitioner.
Need help booking this course?
We are always ready to help anwser your questions regarding taking our courses. Either contact +44 208 968 1900 or email teachertraining@specialyoga.org.uk