Explore how the therapeutic benefits of Special Yoga can encourage children with autism and ADHD to discover their fullest potential.

Completing this course will equip you with a comprehensive toolkit that allows you to inspire children with autism and ADHD to develop a mindful and self-regulating approach towards their wellbeing.

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Dates: 26th – 28th February 2018

Location: Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London SE11 4NA

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How this Course Benefits You

  • You will develop an understanding of how to use yoga and mindfulness therapeutically in bringing the physical and emotional body into balance (and by supporting emotional regulation, motor planning skills and coordination).
  • Your understanding will be developed of how yoga and mindfulness can be used to restore health and wellbeing, improve digestion, enhance metabolism and elimination, in addition to enhancing immune function.
  • You will understand the use of yoga as a daily ‘sensory diet’.
  • Your ability to plan and sequence for one-to-one and group yoga classes will strengthen.
  • You will adapt the practice for the differential in the autistic spectrum.
  • You will develop the tools to enable an effective delivery of Special Yoga methodology to enhance the potential of the child.

Teaching Style

You will be guided through highly effective and accessible strategies for integrating our remedial advantages of Special Yoga methodology into the lives of children with autism and ADHD. With these skills you will have the ability to tailor various settings to the specific needs of the child or group you support.

Topics Covered

Please note the topics covered are provided as a guide on what to expect throughout the experience. Our course will provide you with solid building blocks to boost the confidence you have in connecting with young people with autism spectrum conditions and ADD/ADHD. You will discover the capacity to use a range of practical strategies in settings that are specific to both individuals and groups of people.

■ Topic 1 – Introducing the Special Yoga Practice

You will be provided with a background to the evolution of our practice and possibilities of Special Yoga. Whether you are a parent, teacher or therapist, we will provide you with our personal and practical knowledge to enter various situations ready to bring the best out of the child.

■ Topic 2 – Practitioner & Child

You will be guided through how to develop relationships with children and their carers. A positive intention will be established from the outset, and you will understand how to celebrate the child’s strengths to support them in embracing their potential.

■ Topic 3 – Sound and Breathing Techniques

You will develop an understanding of how to use sound and chanting to get the attention of the child, help their breathing and self-regulation, and assist in coordination and motor planning.

■ Topic 4 – Specific Special Needs (Includes live demonstrations)

You will gain a comprehensive range of practical and personal tools that are relevant to addressing the energy levels and sense of balance from an emotional physical perspective within the child. A series of case studies and live sessions  will provide you with a deeper insight into how the core principles can be practically applied.

■ Topic 5 – Creating a Class

You will learn how to pose questions, challenge behaviours holistically and become aware of a child’s range of abilities to help tailor your practice accordingly in both  one-to-one sessions and group settings.

Sessions will usually take place on a 9:30 – 17:30 schedule.

What does my fee cover?

  • Full tuition
  • ‘Special Yoga and Mindfulness for Autism and ADHD’ Manual
  • Special Yoga certificate with 100% attendance
  • Live demonstrations
  • Personal contact with the course leaders

What does my fee exclude?

  • Lunch
  • Parking / travel / accommodation

Course Certification

Your success in completing the ‘Special Yoga and Mindfulness for Autism and ADHD’ course will be celebrated with a  certificate of accreditation from Special Yoga.

Useful information

What experience do I need for this course?
This course is open to all, including people who do not teach yoga professionally. Regular attendees of this course include but are not limited to:

  • Special needs teachers
  • All yoga teachers
  • Trainee yoga students
  • Special needs and paediatric professionals
  • School teachers
  • Occupational therapists
  • Parent of a special needs child

Can I become a Special Yoga practitioner after completing this course?
Completing the ‘Special Yoga and Mindfulness for Autism and ADHD’ course will be the first step towards building your knowledge to support all children with autism and ADHD. We pride ourselves in appropriately preparing you towards a career. Therefore we highly recommend joining our practitioner development programme if you are considering becoming a professional practitioner with Special Yoga. This will be discussed during the course.

What courses could I do after this course?
To see the extensive range of CPDs we have designed to give you practical tools that can further develop your personal practice, please click here.

Course Tips
Who can do this course?
Special needs teachers, all yoga teachers, trainee yoga students, special needs and paediatric professionals, school teachers. occupational therapists, parents of a child with special needs or anyone with an interest in a career in Special Yoga.
Is this course accredited?
You will receive a Special Yoga Foundation Certificate of Participation after completing the Special Yoga & mindfulness for autism and ADHD training course.
Can I practice professionally with this course?
As a Training Centre of Excellence we offer a SYF Practitioner Development Programme for those considering practicing professionally. If you are interested please visit the Plan My Journey Section.
What courses could I do after this course?
After completing the Special yoga & mindfulness for autism and ADHD training course we suggest registering for our flagship course; Special Yoga for Special Children, if you have already taken this course then we suggest taking our Special Yoga CPD's to expand your personal and practical knowledge. This will also lead you towards becoming a professional Special Yoga Practitioner.
Need help booking this course?
We are always ready to help anwser your questions regarding taking our courses. Email teachertraining@specialyoga.org.uk