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Experience how Yoga Nidra can help you nurture a person with special abilities by becoming less anxious, restless and bringing them a deeper sense of relaxation.

By the end of this one day intensive course you will have the skills to support the physical, psychological and emotional balance of people with special abilities.

How this Course Benefits You

  • Your understanding of Yoga Nidra will extend beyond the prospect of a deep relaxation.
  • You will learn how to choose various Yoga Nidra elements to create an appropriate therapeutic space.
  • Create your own recordings during the day as a self-development tool for exploring your personal style of teaching.

Topic Summary

Yoga Nidra is not just a deep relaxation, there are many other benefits that result from regular use of this practice; both for the practitioner and the recipient. Your understanding of how these benefits can be experienced on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels will expand during this course. The tutor will guide you through the skill-set that is necessary to advancing your own practice while developing a tailored practice for children with special needs.


Please note: Early bird discounts are not applicable to deposits or payment plans. If you choose to pay a deposit you will be required to pay the remaining balance prior to the course start date.

Early bird price: £99

Full price: £119

Once payment has been made, you will be emailed a registration form to complete prior to your booking being finalised.

What does my fee cover?

  • Full tuition
  • Special Yoga certificate with 100% attendance
  • Personal contact with the course leaders


What does my fee exclude?

  • Lunch
  • Parking / travel / accommodation


Course Certification

Your success in completing the ‘Yoga Nidra for Children and Adults with Special Needs’ course will be celebrated with a distinguished certificate of participation from the Special Yoga training centre of excellence. ‘Yoga Nidra for Children and Adults with Special Needs’ is recognised as a training course by Yoga Alliance UK.

Teaching Style

You will be guided through highly effective and accessible strategies for integrating the remedial advantages of Special Yoga methodology into the lives of children with high energy levels and experience challenges in relaxing their bodies. With these skills you will have the ability to tailor various settings to the specific needs of the child or group you support.

Course tutors

Christine Godwin

Christine has been a therapeutic yoga practitioner for 17 years and a full-time reflexologist since 1994.  She first started training as a yoga therapist to work with her son Jacob who has Down Syndrome. From this early inspiration and practical experience of Jacob, Christine extended her teaching and yoga therapy to include hatha yoga and yoga nidra classes, classes for adults and children with disabilities and/or learning difficulties and one to one yoga therapy sessions. Jacob is now 19 and continues to be an inspiration as he grows older and his needs change. Christine lives and practices in London and enjoys working with people of all abilities and sharing her experience in this field.


Useful Information


What experience do I need for this course?

This course is open to all, including people who do not teach yoga professionally. Regular attendees of this course include but are not limited to:

  • Special needs teachers
  • Parents
  • Practitioners
  • Yoga teachers
  • Learning support assistants
  • Yoga teacher trainees


Can I become a Special Yoga practitioner after completing this course?

Completing our ‘Yoga Nidra for Children with Special Needs’ course is a part of your journey towards supporting all children with special needs and staying up to date with the latest practices and techniques.

The Special Yoga centre is a training centre of excellence. We pride ourselves in appropriately preparing you towards a career. Therefore we highly recommend joining our practitioner development programme if you are considering becoming a professional practitioner with Special Yoga.


Can we support you in choosing your course?

Take a look at our teacher training journey if you are unsure about your suitability for this course, or if you have any queries please let us know at teachertraining@specialyoga.org.uk


Policies & Procedures

For the full course policies and terms & conditions please click here.


Course Tips
Who can do this CPD Training?
Occupational therapists, yoga teachers and yoga therapists, trainee yoga teachers, school teachers and staff, parents or anyone interested in exploring Special Yoga.
Is this course recognised?
You will receive a Special Yoga certificate of accreditation after completing the course. The Yoga Nidra for Children & Adults with Special Needs CPD is recognised by ASDAN.
Can I practise professionally with this course?
As a training centre of excellence we offer a Practitioner Development Programme for those considering practising professionally. This will be open to students who complete our flagship course Special Yoga for Special Children followed by Special Yoga for Special Children Level 2.
What courses could I do after this CPD training?
After completing the Yoga Nidra for Children & Adults with Special Needs course we suggest taking our flagship course Special Yoga for Special Children. We highly recommend it as it provides a comprehensive guide across all conditions and is the first step towards becoming a professional practitioner.
Need help booking this course?
We are always ready to help anwser your questions regarding our courses. Please email teachertraining@specialyoga.org.uk