HI Therapeutic Special Yoga for Occupational Therapy – Special Yoga Training

Therapeutic Special Yoga for Occupational Therapy

Special Yoga techniques provide invaluable practices to support the work of occupational therapists and other paediatric professionals. The techniques we use and teach create further potential for increased abilities in children with special needs across many areas, including sensory input, communication, speech and language, physical and energetic alignment, and reduction in anxiety and associated behaviours.

The practices also bring profound wellbeing and stress reduction for the occupational therapists themselves, which in turn improves the efficacy of the sessions with children.

Our training programmes are bespoke and created following detailed consultation with clients so that the training outcomes meet the specific needs and requirements of occupational therapy teams and their service users.

Training programmes provide the skills and resources needed in the following areas:


  • Helps facilitate therapeutic relationships that can relax and calm the service user to allow for true assessment of functional ability
  • Encourages therapists to focus on strengths of individuals and possibilities for participation in occupations.
  • Postures and sequences that assist in measuring cognitive (e.g. difficulties with sequencing) or physical barriers to participation.


  • Reduces anxiety which can be an additional layer that is adding to any functional difficulties.
  • Tool for fostering therapeutic relationships very quickly so service users fully experience a therapist’s acceptance and responsiveness to their needs during first session.
  • Helps occupational therapists meet the service user and not their difficulty, therefore facilitating a truly collaborative relationship.
  • Physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically beneficial to service user (and the therapist).
  • Effective sensory integration tool which requires no special equipment and provides opportunities for combined auditory, proprioceptive, vestibular and tactile experiences through yoga chanting and postures.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Provides therapists with another extremely versatile tool for their tool box.
  • Can facilitate clarity of mind and therefore more opportunity for self and professional development.

Service Development

  • Can reduce stress levels in clinical teams and therefore increase productivity.
  • Can help to foster better working relationships through mutual respect and acceptance.

To learn more about how our training programmes for occupational therapy can assist in better meeting the needs of your service users with special or additional needs, please complete the form below or email info@specialyoga.org.uk.